2016 Toyota ViRA Specs and Review

 on Sunday, January 10, 2016  

It is called Vera, this stylish and compact crossover sport looking for, according to Toyota Yaris mini (called Yaris in the US) and the RAV4 between mashup. Even the name suggests, since the company took six RA the RAV4 and Yaris, and the proposed Vera. Not exactly inspiring car name, but we have seen the concept of weird names. 2016 Toyota ViRA Specs and Review

Toyota did not have much to say this new program piece, and there is no word to the long hood, or whether it will have a production model, what may be lurking. For more information should be released to be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show as Vera.

I come from Toyota, Vera is definitely an interesting concept. Of course, we do not know its interior and transmission, but both fancy and movements in the design of the vehicle coming from the Japanese brands. The production version is unlikely at this point, but Villa could herald the future of Toyota design language, preview upcoming small crossover can even preview the new powertrain. We will find more on the 2016 Toyota Motor Show, we will update this review as soon as possible, because we have official information held.

2016 Toyota ViRA Exterior

Although Toyota says Vera is hybridization between the Yaris and RAV4, this concept has nothing in common with the two. The only similarity is like Yaris compact size and crossoverish ground clearance, but otherwise, Vera is unlike other Toyota has been built so far. The front is downright aggressive, although the headlights and grille arrangement reminded me Zenvo ST-1, below headlight chrome inlay, arched cover, and strong wheel arches give it a unique look.

Villa exudes sporty style, is true when viewed from the side. The roof is low and sleek, no B-pillar standard chrome, and the lower window surround has been replaced by an aluminum piece to become the C-pillar and move them toward the back up to the roof. The concept also has a split glass roof with a body colored panel in the middle. In the rear fender is quite slim muscle and integration, horizontal and vertical taillights gills.

2016 Toyota ViRA Specs and Review

2016 Toyota ViRA Interior

Toyota has not yet announced the internal photo Vera, but how the exterior looks, the cabin should be fairly avant-garde brand like Toyota judgment. I hope it is equipped with a surround instrument panel has a large touch screen in the middle, and numerous body-colored blade, a neat center console and console, flat-bottomed steering wheel, and a pair of driving the front seats. If current trends in the cross market there is any indication, Villa should have some advanced features, such as leather seats and steering wheel, Alcantara insert and wood trim. Given Vera no traditional side mirrors, additional screens installed on each door should display images from the camera.

2016 Toyota ViRA Engine Performance

The drivetrain is still a mystery, because this writing, but we know Toyota, Villa should carry or around small-displacement gasoline engine or fully electric configuration set up a hybrid system. The latter seems more likely, since no clear concept car exhaust pipe, but that does not mean it can not flaunt conventional power under the hood.

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2016 Toyota ViRA Specs and Review 4.5 5 Dwi Prasetio Sunday, January 10, 2016 It is called Vera, this stylish and compact crossover sport looking for, according to Toyota Yaris mini (called Yaris in the US) and the RAV...

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