2017 Renault Scenic Specs, Price and Review

 on Tuesday, March 15, 2016  

Five years ago, Renault brought the concept of space Renault R- Geneva Motor Show. This year, we have seen the same concept seems to be sitting on the Renault stand. It is not familiar? Do not. In fact, we see a new generation of Renault Scenic. That's right, Renault has taken the concept of its famous R- space and use it as the basis for the latest Scenic Area.

The strange thing is, a lot of Renault to maintain, when the concept of modeling from it to make the new area. There are, of course, the changes make it into production, but you can display images from our Lord to see, it is not far away. In fact, first impressions go, some might argue that it actually looks better than the concept of R- space. How often do we say about a concept into a production model? Not very often.

You have to hand it to Renault when it comes to the new landscape. It was nominated in the MPV segment bomb diggity, if the internal as external fashion, it does not have a hard time living to the hype. The original resort almost invented the MPV market, and has held a rank better years. Therefore, the new area will continue to be a leader in the MPV segment? Well, we have some new pictures and a lot of information, so let's dig in to find out ourselves.

2017 Renault Scenic Exterior

One, the new resort is a more fashionable to take the previous model, and is very similar to that we saw a few years ago the concept of R- space. Compared to the previous model, more sophisticated front-end and down to earth. Grille has been opened at the bottom, and has a width of a plurality of horizontal grille louvers run. Headlights now less "double eyelid" shape is much smaller than before. LED visual-visual technology to provide a lamp lens along the outer edge of the C-shaped profile. Downstairs at each corner of the C-shaped insert panels are gone, as is the wide fascia air dam. Now, insert a small habitat and round fog lamps with chrome strip runs along the top of the fascia of each corner. Radiator grill hood now terminates in itself seems inclined windscreen and a little more than before.

To both sides, we see a design from the previous models and different concepts. A large glass panel mounted on the windshield and the door itself, similar to the old Pontiac Trans Sport van in the early 1990s design. Gentle body lines running from the corners of the headlight assembly back to the taillights, and requires a huge step forward along the waistline bottom of the window. In previous models, the waste line along the side of the flat, but this model, it dips down in the back door, and gradually becomes higher when the front quarter panel, shooting upward toward the room it is close to create a fixed rear window. Downstairs, more stylish body cladding has been added to the bottom of the door and around the cloud cover along the small-form-door - it's the bottom of the door to the 3D effect is a very nice touch. Side skirts are no letters, but the new landscape feature all trim levels 20-inch wheels, which is very cool in my book standard.

2017 Renault Scenic Interior

Looking at it, we see such a small car and an interesting layout, style and type of vehicle to bring quite spacious cabin. The dashboard is pretty neat is that the shift downstairs in one large center console. Center console behind the console actually slide back and forth, and allows access to all the passengers inside the open floor plan make way.

The front seats are identical in E- space and provide high-end trim levels as high as massage, heated, with lumbar support and eight-way power adjustment. At the rear, forty split folding ○ ○ Fenzhi Liushi, which provides more cargo space when auto-folding seat through one-touch folding system. The interior offers a total of 22.42 cubic feet of storage space, including on the floor of a small storage area, door trim, center console and glove box.

At the rear, there is also a small rear passengers storage space easily folded life table. Port for mobile phones and tablet charging on the road at the rear of the two USB console. Sitting in the center console] from consultation and Tailsman borrow a 8.7 inches, R-LINK 2 portrait format. It provides voice recognition, navigation, mobile connectivity, applications and radio functions. 12-month subscription to TomTom Traffic comes standard with the same company won the R-LINK Store applications and up to date map of Europe.

2017 Renault Scenic Powertrain

6-cylinder diesel engines and two petrol engines - By the end of 2016, the resort will be one of eight different engines available. The base product is connected to a six-speed manual gearbox 95 horsepower diesel DCI. There are three variations of the 110 horsepower diesel DCI - has a six-speed manual, a mixed assists, connected to a dual-clutch seven-speed automatic transmission. Next, there is a 130-horsepower DCI is mated to a six-speed manual, and finally, the DCI 160 horsepower mated to a dual-clutch, six-speed automatic transmission. In gasoline, only two units - a 115-hp and 130-hp unit TCE TCE unit, both with a six-speed manual gearbox. Renault Renault did not disclose any powertrain configurations other than any performance figures horsepower, but considering that this is a family car, do not expect it will soon hit 60 mph to 110 mph or above, even if it You can reach triple-digit speeds.

Renault also has a new area of ​​multi-sensor technology, which provides a response speed by adjusting the throttle and the engine, dual-clutch automatic transmission shift speed and steering firm personalized driving experience. Five different modes to choose from, including the neutral, movement, comfort, personal and ecology.

2017 Renault Scenic Price

Renault has not yet released pricing information for the new area. We know that the current model is also suitable for 20,555 £, so we expect the new area with all the new standard features at most up to 23000 £. We will work with the official pricing information, update you as soon as it is available, so stay tuned.


2017 Renault Scenic Specs, Price and Review 4.5 5 Dwi Prasetio Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Five years ago, Renault brought the concept of space Renault R- Geneva Motor Show. This year, we have seen the same concept seems to be sit...

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